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German Roaches, Rome City Pest Control

German Roaches

B. germanica

The dreaded German cockroach! Once they come into a home or a business, you definitely need a professional to get them out. They are incredibly hardy and can easily become resistant to pesticides. 

German roaches are a small species of cockroach ranging from 1.1 to 1.6 cm long (.5 to.6 inches). They are light brown to tan in color and have parallel stripes on their backs, just behind their heads. They have wings but prefer to run and scurry.

These roaches prefer to live in warm, humid places close to food and water sources. In homes, they are most likely found in kitchens and bathrooms but will venture into other rooms as well. In large populations, they will produce a mild and somewhat musty odor. 

While there is little danger of being bitten by a German roach, their ability to spread bacteria and human pathogens can threaten human health. 

Tips to keeping your home German roach free!

The honest best first step to controlling a German roach infestation is to call a professional and set up regular treatments, but sometimes, treatment alone won't solve the problem. Maintain a clean kitchen by wiping up all crumbs, spills, and loose food. Keep all food containers sealed tightly and never leave food out in the open. Sweep/vacuum regularly and mop up any spills. Don't let dishes pile up in the sink and make sure to regularly clean any areas with roach activity (cabinets, drawers, door frames) with bleach. They are known to eat their own droppings and any dead roaches they find, so cleaning up any debris is very important. 

German Roaches: About
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