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Carpenter Ants

Camponotus Spp.

Carpenter Ants are a large species of ants that live in Northwest Georgia. They usually live in forested areas, but will happily live indoors in moist and decaying wood. They are very sensitive to their environment and build their nests in areas with unusually high humidity. 

The most common types of Carpenter Ant found in Northwest Georgia are the Black Carpenter Ant and the Florida Carpenter Ant. They are known to construct extensive underground tunneling systems that can also be found in trees. Generally, the colonies are centered around a parent colony, surrounded by smaller satellite colonies. 

Like termites, Carpenter Ants can damage wood used in the construction of buildings. Unlike termites, Carpenter Ants don't eat the wood but instead, use it in the construction of their nests. 

Tips to keeping your home Carpenter Ant free!

Make sure to keep trees and bushes trimmed so they don't touch your home's roof or siding as well as remove any wood contacting your home and repair any rotting wood, especially around door and window frames. Keeping gutters clean and avoiding storing firewood directly on the ground will also help prevent Carpenter Ants from making their way to your home. 

f you would like more information on managing these pests please call Rome City Pest Contrl today at 706-676-3443.

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